This blog is for ordinary people, like me - the world might call us nobodies. It's here for people authentically endeavoring to live their best life - even if it's an average, run-of-the-mill life, with everyday joys, challenges, and surprises. For people tired of trying to be somebody else, or follow in someone else's footsteps, who just want to be comfortable in their own skin. This blog is for you. And me. And it's just. ordinary. 

This is a blog for ordinary, nobodies to encounter an extraordinary God. It's here for us to allow the Divine to work deep within us, crafting and shaping something real and life-altering in the midst of our plain-vanilla lives. It's here to help us learn that so often God does His greatest work in the world through the you's and me's - Nobodies, divinely used by God. 

This is a blog for divine nobodies to learn how our everyday activities can become holy and sacred. A place where ordinary people want to be divinely used by God. 

If this is something that tingles within your heart, then read on. I'll share some ordinary thoughts and I'd be honored if you shared some of your own. 

Welcome. I'm A Divine Nobody. And you can be too.