I'm a divine nobody . . . 

Divine, because of The One who dwells within me. I'm beloved of Him, and a lover of others because of Him.

Nobody, because I'm content with being an unknown, ordinary person. 

I'm a divine nobody. A simple person with a no-frills, honest approach to speaking truth about this divinely broken life I live. 

. . . writing anonymously . . . 

Anonymously, because I'm worn out with building "my kingdom," and rather seek to trust Him and allow His Kingdom to be built and His Glory made known through my obedience and anonymity. 

I believe God desires to speak through each of us, regardless of whether we're published, known, qualified, ordained, or experienced. 

. . . as an experiment . . . 

An experiment, because I'm not quite sure my brain can wrap around how this is going to work. Humanly speaking, I don't have things figured out, and I'm ok with that. Whatever will happen with this blog will happen. 

. . . and challenging others to do the same!

There's a lot of hustle and bustle in the Christian-blogsphere of people trying to make a name for themselves, grow their readership, develop a following, yada, yada, yada. I'm challenging others to give up their pursuit of trivialities and be willing, even if for just one post, to share their art with The One Reader who's approval matters most. 

I'm a nobody. Are you willing to be one too?